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Increased domestic and global competitive environment in jewelry industry requires optimization of quality improvements and cost savings.

At ALPHA PLUS, we believe that our success comes from the principles we have adopted. These principles are the use of scientific approaches in jewelry manufacturing, strong emphasis in enhanced quality controls and adopting a customer oriented vision. Based on these principles, we advise all jewelry manufactureres should focus on manufacturing with the highest quality products.

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Our mission is to provide high quality technical alloys to meet our customers’ needs and work with them as a partner to improve our service offerings.

We have a simple goal: to meet our customer needs. The gold-silver jewelry manufactureres are looking for different ways to produce high quality but low cost products and services in order to survive in a highly competitive environment, dealing with increasing labor and energy costs, and respond to the challenging environmental and health regulations.

About Alpha Plus

Using German engineering and technology and incorporating continuous feedback from customers, ALPHA PLUS offers high quality product solutions to respond to the needs of jewelry industry while keeping in mind the importance of cost minimization, product quality and efficiency improvements.

ALPHA PLUS understands the value of repeatability and reliability on quality standards. Therefore, we apply strict quality control measures at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Our objective at ALPHA PLUS is not only to provide a large spectrum of product choices to differing customer needs but also to provide customer oriented solutions for each elient. Using a flexible manufacturing system, we have the ability to design and develop new products to continuously changing customer needs and habits (color, composition, etc). We carefully study the needs of each customer with respect to their manufacturing systems, equipment availability, product categories, and any other factor that affects their production.

The success of ALPHA PLUS can be mainly attributed to its ability to offer high quality products and using a state-of-the art jewelry manufacturing technology to offer solutions.

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