Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide high quality technical alloys to meet our customers’ needs and work with them as a partner to improve our service offerings.

Our high quality products and services are supported by a comprehensive process knowledge and application expertise.

We help our customers to improve their product quality by working with them as a partner.

Our reputation in innovation cannot be matched.

Adding Value to Jewelry Production


Lower costs, higher quality!

To meet the demand for higher quality products with lower costs, jewelry manufactures are looking for different ways to minimize production modifications.

We think, understanding the entire production process is the key to reduce production modifications.

We understand the processes needed to manufacture quality jewelry. We can help our customers to reduce the modifications listed below

Our technical experts can provide advice on applications, audit your production process and offer training about application consistency.

Our high quality products and services are supported by a comprehensive process knowledge and application expertise.

To meet the demand for low cost and high quality products required by the competitive market conditions, ALPHA PLUS offers extensive services and technical expertise. Our products, quality control programs, and extensive support are designed to provide necessary help to achieve excellence in performance.


Suggested methods for cost reductions should not require sacrifice in quality.

Today’s leaders in manufacturing are focusing on defect free production and productivity improvements for each unit of raw materials, equipment, labor and energy used. The production process of quality jewelry requires the interaction of variety of processes. Hence, the benefits of advanced practical applications will be noticed in different parts of the value adding chain.

In contrast to the limited product portfolio providers, by providing extensive product offerings and expertise in different matters, ALPHA PLUS helps customers to develop different perspectives about their production processes.

We focus on optimizing our customers existing processes.

Our application engineers have been working hard for years to identify the best processes that would help our customers. These engineers are supported by a network of extensive domestic and international experts. Our approach is to directly work with the customers individually so that our technology can be adapted to their specific needs.

Our domestic and global application experts can help you in the development process of new technologies.

ALPHA PLUS values the development of new products and processes to improve the production technology. We are in the process of improving the high quality technical alloys to develop use consistency, to reduce process time and to enhance unit labor production capacity.

Our Certifications

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